Outdoors Thinking

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Aberdeen City Council Pilots the training for the Scottish context

The Early Learning & Childcare Locality Lead Officer in the Integrated Children’s & Family Services (Early Years) of Aberdeen City Council has organised the funding and recruitment of a 20-place Certificate in Outdoor Practice qualification course.

Aberdeen City Council will be the first Authority to pilot the Certificate in Outdoor Practice training for the Scottish context, curriculum and policy directions; aligning well with their ELC Delivery Plan 2022-24 and its emphasis on both quality outdoor provision and workforce development.

It was recognised that embedding training into practice through the qualification’s coaching and small-scale action-research approach would have the likely outcomes of:

  • strengthening capacity within the workforce, resulting in higher quality outdoor practice and increased positive outcomes for children and families;
  • practitioners/teachers developing reflective practice, giving them a strong basis for self-evaluation in all aspects of their work with children and families and supporting cycles of improvement;
  • supporting the development of an Early Years pedagogy across nurseries and schools, which will in turn strengthen transitions between ELC and Primary.
Duthie outdoor nursery