Outdoors Thinking

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Sue Daniels

3 words to best describe Sue




Why does Sue love the outdoors?

Everything it offers: The seasons, fresh air, freedom, adventure, the unknown, well-being.

What is Sue's favourite moment in the outdoors?

I have so many but I think climbing up Priekstolen (Pulpit Rock) rock in Norway stands out.

Why does Sue think Outdoors Thinking is Unique?

Outdoors Thinking is unique because it is offering something that has not been offered before, a level 3 outdoor qualification, with tutors who are experiences and passionate about children being outdoors.

What is Sue most excited about in her role as Outdoors Thinking Tutor?

Sharing my passion for the outdoors with other and inspiring them to go back to their schools and settings and make a difference to the children in their care.

I have worked in early years' sector for over 30 years. I started as a parent helper when my children were young, gaining qualifications with my latest being a BA Hons degree in Early Years. I enjoy developing the outdoor environments, with my staff, coming up with creative ideas to make the most of what is available, troubleshooting is my forte. I enjoy and understand the benefits of being outdoors and enjoy sharing those experiences with the children and parents in my setting.

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