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Janet Packer

Why does Janet love the outdoors?

My interest throughout my career has been in nature and the outdoors, sparked initially by a visit to British Columbia, Canada as a student, where I studied outdoor education for my dissertation.

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What is Janet's favourite moment in the outdoors?

I have always felt happiest outdoors. Some of my favourite memories are playing in the woods with friends or in streams on holiday in Scotland. I think my favourite moment outdoors would be taking my children to the beach for the first time.

Why does Janet think that Outdoors Thinking is unique?

I believe Outdoors Thinking is unique in the way the courses have been designed, focusing strongly on child development and the unique nature of the outdoors; and in the way the programme is structured over the course of a year, focusing on continual professional development and the implementation of learning into practice.

What is Janet most excited about in her role as Outdoors Thinking Trainer?

As a trainer with Outdoors Thinking I am most excited to be working with practitioners, in supporting them to develop their outdoor areas, into places they will love spending time with their children.

I have worked in the early years sector since 1999, in many roles including Teacher in primary schools and Forest Schools, Early Years Lecturer in further and higher education, Early Years Trainer/ Consultant and Nursery Manager.

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