Outdoors Thinking

dandelion field

Jane Wratten

3 Words that best describe Jane




What does Jane love about the outdoors?

I love the fresh air, being able to see the sky, hear the birds, smell the earth, touch the leaves, bark and grass. It makes me feel alive in a way I never feel when indoors.

What is Jane's favourite moment in the outdoors?

Walking through a wood carpeted with wood anemones in early spring.

Why does Jane think Outdoors Thinking is Unique?

We are a fabulous, knowledgeable, experienced team, all totally committed to connecting adults and children with what the outdoors can offer in play and learning in a way that feels very natural.

What is Jane most excited about in her role at Outdoors Thinking tutor?

I have run training and consultation around realising the potential of the outdoor space in early years settings for a number of years now- using, improving and enjoying them, however basic they may seem at first. I think this training programme encompasses everything I believe in and will enable so many more people to appreciate and develop their outdoor provision in a very achievable way.

I originally trained as a Landscape Architect and worked with local communities to improve their outdoor spaces in educational, church and housing environments. I then trained as a teacher and worked in KS2, KS1 and Foundation Stage until I left to set up my own consultancy around using and improving outdoor spaces in school and nursery settings. I now do this alongside working part time at a fully outdoor nursery and am happier than I have ever been in my working life. I have two grown up boys who still absolutely love being outside, so feel I've done a good job there!

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