Outdoors Thinking


Dawn Ewan

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Trainer

3 Words that best describe Dawn




Why does Dawn love the outdoors?

I love the peace I find outdoors, connecting with tiny and huge things, feeling part of something inter-connected and vast. I always feel at home outdoors, I feel free and I always get my best ideas when I'm walking somewhere wild.

What is Dawn's favourite moment in the outdoors?

I can't possibly choose between two, so I'll tell you about them both. I remember the first time I walked into the patch of woodland where I subsequently opened my setting. It felt so right - peaceful, grounded and homely. I now love watching the children and staff play and connect with the woodland and with one another. It's now the hub of a vibrant community, shaped and led by those who play there and I couldn't be more proud.

What is Dawn most excited about in her role as Outdoors Thinking Tutor?

So many things!!! The whole team are incredibly passionate, dedicated and inspiring, it's a real joy to work with them, and learn from them. We are incredibly fortunate to have an incredible amount of support for outdoors and play in Scotland and I'm looking forward to working alongside participants to witness the changes in practice and environment that will unfold.

I taught in early years, ASN and primary for over 15 years before leaving to open an outdoor kindergarten which has its values rooted in attachment theory, relationships and play. I left my management role there in 2023 and continue working as the founding director of the organisation. This move has given me more time to focus on training, mentoring and consultancy work.

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