Outdoors Thinking


Clare Devlin

3 Words that best describe Clare




Why does Clare love the outdoors?

I love the fresh air and I love what all the different seasons bring in terms of weather conditions; new life, growth, and opportunities. I have realised that we just need to dress according to the weather and get out there and enjoy whatever is on offer.

What is Clare's favourite moment in the outdoors?

I do love the sea most of all. It's my favourite place to be; walking in the wind, listening to the roaring sound of the waves and the call of the seagulls. I always feel so fresh and invigorated after a walk by the Atlantic.

What is Clare most excited about in her role as Outdoors Thinking Tutor?

I am looking forward to having proper dedicated time to uncover the great potential for learning offered by nature and outdoors. Outdoors Thinking has the potential to transform our thinking about learning for both children and adults. This programme is a privilege for both tutors and participants.

Clare has been working within the field of early years care and education since 1988. She began her career as a Foundation Stage teacher, moved in 1995 to become an early years adviser with the education authority and, in 2007 took on the role as Director of Programmes with Early Years- the Organisation for Young Children. Clare has had a lead role in the development of the "Sure Start Developmental Programme for Two and Three Year Olds in Northern Ireland".

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In 2009 Clare became an independent trainer, consultant and mentor and has been focusing on the design and delivery of bespoke quality training programmes across Ireland, UK, Europe and UAE.

Clare works with a range of schools, organisations and early years providers delivering a wide range of programmes that draw on lessons learned from research and local and international best practice.

Clare is particularly interested in Creativity and the observation, documentation and assessment of children's thinking and learning. In recent years, Clare has become increasingly involved in planning for and observing learning outdoors.