Outdoors Thinking

dandelion field

Certificate in Outdoor Practice Level 3 (HW01)

A course of 12 training days over a 12 month period based in Hounslow

Course Dates

This course takes place on the following dates:

  • Sat, Apr 22nd 2023 Start Date
  • Sat, May 13th 2023
  • Sat, Jun 10th 2023
  • Sat, Jul 8th 2023
  • Sat, Sep 23rd 2023
  • Sat, Oct 14th 2023
  • Sat, Nov 11th 2023
  • Sat, Dec 9th 2023
  • Sat, Jan 20th 2024
  • Sat, Feb 24th 2024
  • Sat, Mar 16th 2024 End Date


This course takes place here:


Buttercups Day Nursery - Syon Park,

AUS 3383

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Trainer FAQs

Why does Menna love the outdoors?

I think my passion for the outdoors began in my childhood. I have clear memories of playing in the garden that I grew up in as well as helping my dad in his vegetable garden and later in our allotment. He taught me so much about the world around us and I learnt to care about the living things he shared with me. These experiences build on my relationship with my dad, helped me to develop a relationship with the world and to recognise the therapeutic value of time spent outdoors.

3 words that best describe Menna

Mad about mud!

What is Menna's favourite moment in the outdoors?

It is very hard to pick a favorite, so I am going to cheat and have a work related one and a personal one. Work wise my favorite moments are the times I observe children just able to 'be' in the moment in our setting garden, I know in these moments that the child is relaxed and at ease, and that I have enabled that to happen. Personally my favorite moments outdoors are spotting the first snowdrops of spring, with all the promise of the year to come.

Why does Menna think Outdoors Thinking is unique?

This new certificate offers students the opportunity to increase their understanding of and confidence with their practice in the outdoor environments immediately around their settings. The very practical nature of the course will help staff to make small changes that will have potentially big impacts for the learning and development of children in their early years settings.

What is Menna most excited about in her role as Outdoors Thinking tutor?

I am very excited to be able to share some of my own experiences of learning alongside children in the outdoors as well as hearing about the ways that delegates are able to make changes in their settings.