Outdoors Thinking

Menna Child

Menna Godfrey

Trainer development co-ordinator

Menna began her professional career as a teacher of physics and maths. When she became a parent her observations of the way that her children learnt through play, both on their own and with peers fascinated her. Menna made the decision to become a child minder and when this outgrew her home she was part of a team that opened a set up and pack down playgroup in a local church hall. In 2009 the playgroup moved to a rented property and Menna and her team were able to develop their outstanding outdoor practice.

Menna has been the lead practitioner throughout the journey from a mainly indoors setting to an almost fully outdoors setting. Having been on the journey with her team, Menna is extremely well placed to fulfil her roles for Outdoors Thinking. Along the route Menna has completed her EYPS and holds a MA titled Educational Improvement, Development and Change with an Early Years focus. Menna's setting has been judged as Outstanding at her last 4 Ofsted inspections.

Menna is an experienced trainer and consultant, and has worked with childminders, PVI and maintained settings to develop their visions for and use of their outdoors spaces.

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